Message from the host

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 2019 Quality Improvement and Experience Sharing Convention (QIESC).

It is a tremendous privilege for Kumshing to host this meaningful event for the first time. The QIESC platform brings together enterprises from diverse fields to exchange views and ideas about quality improvement. We are very glad to see that the number of participating members continues to increase each year. Interest in quality improvement by companies in all sectors is mounting.

This year’s theme “Creativity and Innovation for Quality Excellence” highlights the unbeatable connection between eagerness to bring in new thinking and the desire for quality execution. Excellence is never an accident. Rather it is the cumulative result of always striving to do better. Disseminating this realization of how innovative ideas blend into our working habits is at the heart of the QIESC mission.

The innovation journey never ends. It is the cornerstone of corporate development and the key for survival in the marketplace. Only with the ever-raising standards through creativity are companies able to increase their competitiveness. The road to quality perfection is always under construction, and this convention provides an impeccable platform for us to pursue quality and excellence.

As Hong Kong’s energy and mobility infrastructure specialist, Kumshing is at the forefront of driving for quality improvement. The company is a proud winner of the Gold Award of the Hong Kong Management Association Quality Award, the first engineering and construction company to be so honored with one of the most prestigious accolades in local professional enterprise management.

Quality and excellence are always at the top of our agenda, as innovation is at our heart. Kumshing embraces any change and innovation that serves our operational needs, creating a win-win situation among businesses that helps drive continuous development. The ability to follow through and innovate has long contributed to our success story. Riding economic and technology trends, we have invested substantially to integrate technology and design with our core business as we work to develop Hong Kong into a smarter and more sustainable city.

We are proud and encouraged that all member companies share the same commitment to quality management today. On this special occasion, we come together to celebrate innovations that bring quality improvement to business.

I am sure with your steadfast support and active participation, this year’s convention will undoubtedly unfold as another stimulating experience for all involved, with many fruitful outcomes!

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