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New World's brand personality is best defined by The Artisanal Movement, a journey of expanding one's imagination through our persistence in delivering bespoke craftsmanship, which is the core of the artisan spirit. This spirit drives our desire to secure deep understanding of customers' needs and our enthusiasm to fulfil their dreams. Whether it is a sculpture or a handshake, we are devoted to creating exceptional customer experience and gathering collectibles from around the globe to escalate modern living standards.

New World Group promotes artisanship and intrapreneurship by encouraging our staff at all levels to apply creativity in their jobs.

We established the Incubation Circle programme in 2013 and drive innovation and excellence in all of our people, products, services and processes as a way of underpinning our continued success and development.

Through our Incubation Circle programme, staff are encouraged to form self-driven teams and provide ideas that help to improve work processes, efficiency, products and services. The Incubation Circle accepted proposals in six categories - Process/Servicing Improvement, Engineering/Technology, Safety, Health and Working Environment, Environmental Protection, Continuous Improvement and Chance (business innovation). Since the inception of the programme, over 400 product or service improvement projects have been receiving from our staff, amounting to more than 1000 tangible and intangible improvement benefits to our business are being recognized.

Our Incubation Circle programme also encourages staff to have a say in their work and become Intrapreneurs. It truly is an example of the artisan spirit in the New World Group.

The Quality Improvement and Experience Sharing Convention (QIESC) is a very important sharing and learning platform to foster quality excellence. The participation in the QIESC would undoubtedly inspire our staff to come up with great ideas for product and service enhancement

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