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Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is an international and regional aviation hub, connecting Hong Kong with over 220 destinations around the globe. It is one of the world’s busiest airports in terms of both passenger and cargo volumes, and has been voted the world’s best airport more than 70 times since it opened in 1998. Operated and managed by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA), a statutory corporation wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government, HKIA is committed to providing passengers with a safe, secure and efficient journey, top-notch customer services and memorable airport experiences.

To foster a culture of continuous improvement, we have introduced the Work Improvement Teams (WIT) programme since 2016 to empower frontline staff to strive for service excellence and generate innovative ideas for value creation in their workplace. Through the WIT programme, staff are encouraged to meet regularly in teams to brainstorm ideas on service enhancement, identify improvement opportunities and devise corresponding solutions. Although the WIT programme is a new initiative in AA, it has been enthusiastically embraced by our staff and has attracted some brilliant submissions. Since the launch of the programme, we have received around 160 WIT submissions, focusing on different areas including customer services, work efficiency, safety and resources utilisation. The WIT programme has become an annual event with the theme of “Let New Ideas Take Flight”. We have organised the AA WIT Convention at the AsiaWorld-Expo annually since 2017 for the finalists to showcase their projects in the form of a drama to compete for various awards in a fun way. The Convention becomes a platform for the AA to recognise the concerted efforts of the WIT teams. Following the success of the programme in the AA, we extended the WIT culture to the airport community in 2018 to instill a continuous improvement culture in the airport community to support the sustainable development of HKIA.

Quality Improvement and Experience Sharing Convention is an excellent learning platform for sharing innovative improvement experience and achievements in quality management from different business sectors. The AA will uphold its commitment in striving for service excellence through continuous improvement and creativity.

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