History and Background

In an ongoing effort to meet the changing needs of customers and maintain a competitive edge, many businesses are focusing today on sustaining and enhancing quality service - which is regarded as an important element of success. In addition to developing and applying effective quality control systems, they encourage their staff to set up Quality Improvement Teams (QITs) or Quality Control Circles (QCCs). These teams regularly put forward suggestions for improvements in daily operations, and have achieved substantial and tangible results concordant with operational policies that enhance both productivity and staff capabilities. With an aim to sharing and learning together to reach a win-win situation among businesses, the idea to organise experience sharing conventions for successful quality improvement cases was initiated.

The first Quality Improvement & Experience Sharing Convention was instituted in 1997 by 6 participating organisations. With strong support from other organisations thereafter, the Convention has become an annual major quality event with participating organisations taking turns to host.

The Logo

This logo is especially designed for the Quality Improvement and Experience Sharing Convention and has been used since 2001. The silhouetted heads and the inverted commas not only symbolize the sharing among the quality organisations, but also form a letter “Q” highlighting their quality achievements. This logo also represents that the Convention has established a learning platform for sharing their improvement experience and their achievements of quality management.

Host organisers and Program Book

1997 (1st)

Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation

1998 (2nd)

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

1999 (3rd)

Tuen Mun Hospital

2000 (4th)

Synergis Management Services Limited

2001 (5th)

Hongkong Post

2002 (6th)

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited

2003 (7th)

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

2004 (8th)

MTR Corporation

2005 (9th)

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

2006 (10th)

Vitasoy International Holdings Limited

2007 (11th)

PCCW Limited

2008 (12th)

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

2009 (13th)

Synergis Management Services Limited

2010 (14th)

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited

2011 (15th)

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

2012 (16th)

MTR Corporation

2013 (17th)

Vitasoy International Holdings Limited

2014 (18th)

Hong Kong Housing Society

2015 (19th)

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

2016 (20th)

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

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